Owning a home is considered an essential part of the American Dream. Although it’s typically one of the most stressful and hectic processes, it results in one of the most rewarding outcomes. Finding the right house, putting in an offer, hoping your offer is better than the other offers you’re competing with, all while [...]

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Banks vs. Private Lending, an Apples to Apples Comparison

When it comes to obtaining a loan for a real estate venture, there are two forms of funding available: traditional banks and private money lenders. Both are great options, depending on the deal and what you are specifically looking for, however, it is important to understand the differences of each in a side­-by-side comparison. Interest [...]

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Technology’s Effect on Hard Money Lending

When a traditional loan isn’t a possibility, but you need funding for an investment, hard money lending is where you turn. Several years ago, hard money lending wasn’t necessarily considered the favorite option within the borrowing community... This was due to multiple factors. 1. Modern technology was not a part of the lending process. Unlike [...]

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Know Your Lending Options

We’re all aware of how traditional lending works. You go to the financial institution of your choice and fill out the paperwork, authorizing them to run your credit. This informs them of your income, income stability, credit history, missed and on-time payments, and pretty much everything about you financially. Depending on the details of the [...]

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Retirement Ahead- Borrowing to Invest in Real Estate

As the dooming era of retirement approaches for the baby boomer generation, the majority of us are aware of the daunting realization in scarcity of funds in both social security and pension plans. However, along with our economy’s ceaseless population growth comes the advantage of alternatives retirement-funding options; specifically referenced in the “reconceptualizing retirement” chapters [...]

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Luxury House Flipping- Advantageous Financing Options

Before recent market changes- real estate investors, primarily house flippers, were limited when it came to financing options for their investments. Because of the lucratively obvious value behind purchasing real estate, improving and reselling for a quick profit, additional lending sources have now surfaced & become willing to loan funds to be a part of [...]

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2016 Recent Successful Sales!

We are excited to share some success stories from our most recently closed transactions in December 2016. WEBER COUNTY LAND PURCHASE Transaction was a purchase transaction for 70 acres for $1.5M. -Buyer was able to secure funds from Vintage RE Fund after their due diligence deadline within 5 days. SUMMIT COUNTY [...]

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House Flipping Makes a Comeback as Home Prices Rise

The number of people flipping houses is now at historical highs, those not seen since before the recession.  In 2004-2005 the number of “House Flippers” was off the charts hitting an all time high of close to 80,000/quarter.  Immediately following these record high numbers the market took a huge drop and reached an all time [...]

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