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Owning a home is considered an essential part of the American Dream. Although it’s typically one of the most stressful and hectic processes, it results in one of the most rewarding outcomes. Finding the right house, putting in an offer, hoping your offer is better than the other offers you’re competing with, all while trying to sell your current home, and hoping the timing all works out, can be a stressful endeavor. At Vintage Real Estate Fund, we want to help relieve that stress and make the home buying experience a rewarding and enjoyable one by offering our exclusive, ‘Vintage Guarantee.’

When buyers are purchasing a new home, mortgage financing is customarily needed. Buyers needing financing will typically include a mortgage contingency in their offer, stating that if the buyer is unable to secure a mortgage before closing, they can walk away from the contract. This puts the seller in a bind should the buyer not be successful in securing financing. However, what if there is a cash offer on the table? Paying cash for a house could change everything. Large investment firms and private investors understand this. If a buyer offers a fair price with a mortgage contingency attached to their offer, and an investor offers a slightly lower priced, but guaranteed funded, all-cash offer, which one will be notably stronger?

Vintage Real Estate Fund now offers a new degree of financing that benefits both the buyers and sellers in a whole new way. The buyer can secure the funding through a Vintage Guarantee to make a cash offer! This provides the buyer with a guarantee of a cash offer, a guarantee to close for the seller, and closing in as little as 14 days. This enables a smoother, less stressful transaction for both parties.

Buyer Guarantee of Cash Offer for Home Purchase


For the buyer, having a guarantee of cash offer gives the buyer the advantage to discount their new home’s asking price due to offering the stronger, all-cash offer with a faster, guaranteed closing, versus a conventional offer. This option also opens doors to make the buying experience far more enjoyable and convenient.

It allows you time to find the right house, secure and close on the home you want, make any necessary repairs or updates to either home, and then list your current home for sale; all without worry that your current home will sell before you find the right one to buy. During the loan period of the Vintage Guarantee, the buyer can secure their mortgage funding, gradually move their belongings to their new home, and be prepared should someone offer a cash sale for their home.

The extra time up front allows for a shorter closing period on their current home, without causing them stress, as the seller, to be out quickly. Vintage Real Estate Fund will hold the 1st Lean on the new home until your permanent mortgage funding is acquired.

Home Buying, Utah Real Estate Market


For the seller, the Vintage Guarantee offers an all-cash sale, with a guaranteed closing in as little as 14 days. This eliminates the worry of the buyer’s financing falling through last minute and the stress of having to start over with a new buyer.

Buyer’s financing can be stressful and costly to a seller. Homes that have been on the market for longer periods of time tend to get lower offers, even if it’s due to a previous buyer’s financing falling through and having to start over.

The guaranteed cash offer and closing eliminate that unnecessary stress and cost for the seller and allows them to move on to their next adventure.

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