Everyone knows “that guy” or “that girl” or “that couple” who seem to be floating on Cloud 9 due to their success in real estate. If only you had the money they did to get started, right? Wrong! Ok, sure there are those that were born into money and were able to fund their own initial few investments themselves, but for most of them, that was not the case…
So how did they do it? By using ‘Other People’s Money’ – OPM.
It’s not that hard to do. In fact, you’re probably already doing it!
Did you pay cash for your car or did you get a loan from the bank? Did you pay cash for your house or did you take out a mortgage from a lending institution?
See?! You’re already a pro at using other people’s money. Now you just need to learn how to get into real estate investing doing the same thing.

Most real estate investors have a secret weapon they use for all their fix and flips, auctions, and cash deals. They’re called private money lenders. Using a private money lender is just another way of using other people’s money, you just are able to get it faster than you would from a traditional lender AND your credit score isn’t taken into consideration whatsoever!
The process is simple. Private money lenders loan individuals their money, which you can then borrow to purchase an investment property; and when you sell it – you both make money. It’s a win-win!

Now, obviously, there are a lot more details involved in a loan than that, but it’s no different than borrowing from a traditional lender. However, this way you have an active role in the details behind the loan!
-What asset(s) are you basing the loan on?
-Do you need 3 months, 6 months, or a year to repay the loan?
-What is the potential return you could both expect to gain from the deal?

Private lending is an alternative way of lending than that of traditional financial institutions, but it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s simply another example of using other people’s money to fund what you need or want. And in this case, a way of enabling you to float on Cloud 9 as you make money in real estate.

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