We’ve all done it. We drive by a house that’s for sale, take one look at it, and don’t even get out of the car; we just mark it off the list and move on to the next. Why? Maybe the grass was dead. Maybe the trees and shrubbery were completely overgrown. Maybe the roof obviously needed repair and that wasn’t what you were looking to spend money on. Maybe a window was broken. Or maybe it was just simply an ugly house.
There are many reasons a house can have a poor curb appeal; these are all things that you, as a seller, need to be aware of.
There are a few particular areas to focus on before listing a home.

A Fresh Coat of Paint
One of the most commonly offered curb appeal advice is to freshen the paint on the home. Choose 2 to 3 coordinating colors, one for the main exterior, one for the trim and doors, and, if you choose to do a third color, paint the door and garage doors the third color. This will add a more appealing freshness to the home. Keep your colors neutral and in character of the style of the home.
New Windows and Doors
Buyers don’t want to look at the home and see future expenses. If the windows and doors are old or cracked, this will be a red flag to potential buyers. Replace old windows and doors with new, more efficient ones. This will update the look of the home and provide the potential buyer peace of mind.

Repair the Roof
Most of the homes in this area have peaked roofs; they are one of the first things potential buyers and appraisers are going to look at. Leaving a shabby roof in need of repair will cost you in the end. Take the time to repair any needs the roof may have. According to the National Association of Realtors, a new roof has an ROI of 109%. That is far better than your home sitting on the market for months because buyers are concerned about the cost to repair it.
While you’re looking at the roof, be sure to refasten or repair any damaged rain gutters as well.

Update exterior and porch lighting with newer fixtures that match the style of the home. Also, add lighting into the landscape; add lights in flower beds and in front of trees. Illuminated exteriors add a homey and welcoming feel.
Walkways and Driveways
Damaged walkways and driveways are less inviting and give the impression that the home has not been well maintained. If the walkway is damaged, replace it with a custom stone walkway. This will add character and appeal to the walkway. If the driveway is cracked, have it professionally repaired. Also, be sure to clean off any oil spills or other stains on the driveway.

A well-maintained yard sets the tone for the home. Feed and water the lawn, replace dead spots with seed or sod, and mow the grass regularly. Replace overgrown shrubs with new, shorter ones, remove any overgrown vines or ground cover and plant low maintenance, but colorful, plants and flowers. Low maintenance yards are more appealing to a greater number of buyers, keep the foliage simple and well placed.

Style Matters
Before you make any updates, look around the neighborhood. While you may think that a bright front door looks great with the house, it may cause it to stand out in a negative way. And, just as with any interior changes you make, be sure that your changes match the style of the home.

Do not underestimate the power of curb appeal. You want people to be excited to look at your home. Remember to consider the curb appeal when budgeting for your flip or resale of a home. What’s the point of making the inside amazing if people don’t even get out of the car?

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