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2019 US Housing Market Forecast: Salt Lake City


Utah is a busy, beautiful, lively, and peaceful place to live. It has mountains, lakes, deserts, and is home to the greatest snow on earth. Don’t forget about its low crime rate and low cost of living. It’s no wonder that its population is ever increasing. Utah is expected to reach over 3.21 million people [...]

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Private Lending – Diversifying Funds & Leveraged Returns


WHAT IS PRIVATE LENDING? Private money lenders play a significant role in real estate funding all over the country, especially with financing real estate flips. So, what exactly is a private money loan? Essentially, it is a loan funded by a non-traditional lender (such as a bank, credit union, etc.) that is secured by real [...]

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Commercial Bridge Loans 101


Private funding can be such an asset in residential real estate ventures. But have you thought about using it for commercial investments? Commercial private lenders allow for quicker closings, as the funding is already assembled, allowing you to get your next venture going that much faster than the typical 6-12 month timeline for construction loan [...]

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Salt Lake City is Growing in Tech Talent


Salt Lake City continues to grow in the tech industry according to CBRE’s annual “Scoring Tech Talent” report. Salt Lake City ranked 22nd of the top 50 cities in the U.S. and Canadian markets for growing tech talent. One area Salt Lake City stands out in the report is due to the number of millennials [...]

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Salt Lake County’s Current Real Estate Market Trends


Nationwide, home sales in 2017 were the highest they’ve been since the Great Recession. Total home sales increased 1.9% to 6.13 million units. Existing home sales increased 1.1% and new home sales increased by 10% over 2016! Sales are forecast to continue to increase by 2.8% in 2018 and an additional 2% in 2019.* Current [...]

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2018 US Housing Market Predictions: Salt Lake City


Real estate investors tend to want to invest in larger cities for good reason. Larger markets have more buyers; this more easily ensures selling an investment property. However, the US housing market trends have changed over the past few years. Investors are starting to look at smaller markets, such as Salt Lake City, and shift [...]

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4 Easy Steps to a Profitable Fix & Flip


After reading the 10 Important Steps leading up to purchasing the house you’re going to flip, there’s a few things to keep in mind as you are getting started. A lot goes in to a fix and flip; you want to ensure that you put your efforts into the right areas. You will play the [...]

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Spring is in the Air… A Market Assessment


Spring is finally in the air! It’s getting warmer, the birds are singing, and mother nature is waking up all of her beautiful landscape. Do you know what that means? People are starting to think about moving again. Why, you may ask? Well, let me ask you this; have you ever moved in the winter [...]

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