Spring is finally in the air! It’s getting warmer, the birds are singing, and mother nature is waking up all of her beautiful landscape. Do you know what that means? People are starting to think about moving again. Why, you may ask? Well, let me ask you this; have you ever moved in the winter in this area? First of all, it’s cold. Do you really want to move things in and out of a house when you’re freezing? Better yet, do your friends want to help you when it’s cold out? Secondly, it’s wet. Again, making you cold, and ruining the flooring in both the place you’re moving out of and moving in to, not to mention your furniture being exposed to the rain and snow. Moving during the summer months is starting to sound more appealing now, isn’t it? It’s also, typically, easier on families to use vacation time to move while their children are out of school for the summer. Usually, families with school aged children try to avoid having to move and change schools in the middle of a school year.

Something else to consider about the warmer months is the real estate market. In the winter, there are fewer houses on the market than in the summer. While this could lead to some great deals for the buyers due to the reduced interest people have in moving during those months, the selection is limited. Although, winter is a great time to invest in fix and flips that will take more than a couple months to fix. This allows you the time necessary to properly fix the property before the more appealing summer months arrive. In the summer, however, there are more sales and rentals available for the comparatively more people looking to move during the summer months. This makes it a great time for both rentals and sales due to the increased demand from people looking to move, thus increasing the rates investors can ask for their properties.

Spring is the time people will start thinking about a new home. As a real estate investor, NOW is the time to find your next investment. Whether you’re looking for a fix and flip or a long-term rental investment, you want it to be ready for the peak moving season. This is the best time to achieve a solid return on your investment.

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